i am a  normal 18 years old girl college student , proud citizen of India

i am an anime freak– anime watched=kaichou wa maid sama,inuyasha,inuxbokuss,kamisama kiss,saitama,my hero academia etc etc etc……

i ship SESSHOMARUXKAGOME as couple from inuyasha

,korean lover-korean drama watched=boys over flower,the heirs,personal taste etc etc etc so as you can tell from my preference my crush is on lee min ho oppa ❤

,amateur artist– mostly anime art is my speciality

i make music tune but not a good user of the music instruments

therefore music maker app is my saver~

my long wished dream is to travel world wide one day


In this site i will share with you all the things that interest me that i have listed above,

the things that make me laugh i am sure you would all love some laugh right ?? ^^

hope you all will  like what i share~

it is not a particular topic site , the post will differ in varities.

this site is for fun and nothing much ……….


visit me~

gmail addressliua.sharma@gmail.com

instagram – username = shira_wistalia


twitter-username=  shirataishou

facebook-username=anastasia yuki