Reine des fleurs-otome game

Otome game -reine des fleurs

Character- leon.a

Introduction- Reines des Fleurs is a Gothic romance otome game brought to you by Otomate and the staff who created “Wand of Fortune”. Illustrated by the popular artist, Usuba Kagerou, and written by Iwata Shinobu.

Hot right *.*!!!!!!!!


Destructive and Unrestrained Knight.

“You’re my woman and that’s fate!”

A knight from Pivoine and 24 years old. He acts recklessly according to his feelings and, although he is a noble, he acts without restraint and gives himself up to self-indulgent pleasures. He fell in love at first sight with a portrait of the heroine that he saw by chance. He became one of the chosen knights after forcibly stealing the position from the original knight.

His mansion is impressive and the walls are the color of red bricks. The living room is decorated with glittering gold ornaments and suits his noble birth.

Iwata Shinobu: A frank main hero who repeatedly acts recklessly and who fell in love at first sight with the heroine. He is outspoken and has sudden and complete changes of his mood. He’s like a big dog. If you were to ask him to give you his hand then he would happily give it. It’s easy to get attached to him but if you let down your guard he’ll charge you and slobber all over your face energetically. I think training is crucial. He’s the type of person that the heroine has never come in contact with before and he perplexes her.

Usuba Kagerou: The point of his design was to have the hem of the long double-breasted coat hang down. He also has a full blouse that is daringly open at the chest. He’s the type to wear more casual clothing and so we wanted an atmosphere that felt like he was forced to look like a prince.


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